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Kurt Regschek - Meister der Gegensätze

Biography of painter 
Kurt Regschek EUR 49,90

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The arms of the 23 districts of Vienna - for the first time in full color
EUR 22,90

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The Arms and Flags of Austria and her Länder    Historical Arms
The Development of the Austrian Arms
and Flag
since 1915

Austrian Arms before 1915

Flags, Anthems, Mottos - Constitutions for Austria and Europe

                             All about Austria

Biography of Austrian surrealist painter       The Forum "Oktogon"

New:    The  Austrian double eagle                        
(in German)
             Austrian Postage Stamps                          
 (in German)
             Austrian Monuments                                   (in German)
             The Symbols of Europe                             
  (in German)

Songs that rocked Austria
Symbols of St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna

The Development of the Swastika                           
(in German)    
Hexagram and "Magen David"                               
(in German)   
Symbols of Ukraine - the "Chernivtsi Austria"          (
in German)
The "Austria" Allegory                                             (in German)

"The Symbols of Austria"    index                                           

 "Die Wiener Bezirke"
The symbols of the 23 districs of Vienna

Public  Initiative for a "House of Austrian History"

Lumberjack Museum

Austrian National Anthem (.mp3)
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The Symbols of Europe (.ppt)  
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